So here's a rundown of some of the cores we've modified/written/whatever

Nothing core:
As its name implies: nothing much in it. The core is a super basic core db that will only bring up the Genesis server on a port, has a couple of commands and a very basic parse function ... and that's it. I mostly wrote it as practice for learning the basic network functioning of the Genesis server and include it here to show others the same.

Small core:
A pretty basic core. We've used it as the base for writing new dbs but it's A LOT of work to get there. It has multiple user connections and a programmer port. See the README file for more information

**Note on Smallcore: I'm including Smallcore here because of the format problem of the file that I ran into: if you're running on *nix system and you're having a problem with Smallcore that you downloaded from other sources, check this page for information on the problem.

NetStart Core V2:
This core DB is based on the Xidus NetStart core DB. I've added multiple user connections and some other things.
** I'm not sure as I'm adding this if this is actually working ... it might still be a work in progress; it's been a while since I last worked on it

Natives db:
This is just the natives definition that can be added to your core db - add it to your textdump file to get rid of the error messages you get about natives when compiling